Majwe Mining seconds two employees to Leighton operations in Australia

Majwe Mining Joint Venture (Pty) Ltd has started to fulfil its promise of leaving behind a lasting legacy of the much needed first class quality skills transfer in the country.

Recently, the company dispatched its first group of employees, Mr Israel Monkutlwatsi and Mr. Gasebeche Kemorwale, for a year-long secondment to Leighton Contractor’s Australian mining operations.

The Majwe Overseas Secondment Programme is part of Majwe’s commitment to leave an irreversible legacy in Botswana by developing and upskilling Botswana mining professionals.

Majwe, through Leighton will be giving them exposure to world class mining operations. Company Director Iain Speirs is quoted as saying, “These employees will come back empowered to impart the knowledge they have gained. It is hoped that they will be provided and equipped with the best international mining skills that will not only benefit them, but also the entire country and mining industry”.

Majwe Mining and its Sub-Contractors continue to provide the necessary on-the-job training to Batswana employees and is actively involved in the National Internship Programme.

Some of the interns have been successfully absorbed into full term employment, by the various contractors on the Cut 8 project. Majwe Mining has also engaged Graduate trainees as part of the local skills development program.

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