Lucara Diamond announces election of directors

Lucara blue diamondLucara Diamond, which owns Karowe mine in Botswana has reported that the nominees listed in the Company’s management proxy circular for the 2014 Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders were elected as directors of the Company. Detailed results of the vote are set out below.




Nominee Votes For % For Votes Withheld % Withheld
Lukas H. Lundin 148,793,230 95.77 6,572,064 4.23
Richard P. Clark 115,912,783 74.61 39,452,511 25.39
Paul K. Conibear 155,345,661 99.99 19,633 0.01
Brian Edgar 149,821,080 96.43 5,544,214 3.57
William Lamb 155,351,094 99.99 14,200 0.01
Eira Thomas 155,349,594 99.99 15,700 0.01

About Lucara

Lucara is a well positioned new diamond producer. The company has an experienced board and management team with extensive diamond development and operations expertise. The Company’s two key assets are the Karowe Mine in Botswana and the Mothae Project in Lesotho. The 100% owned Karowe Mine is in production. The 75% owned Mothae Project has completed its trial mining program.


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