Tlou Energy’s Selemo work delays to allow remedial work on vertical production well

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tlou bannerTlou Energy says production testing of the Selemo pilot pod was temporarily suspended over the weekend to allow remedial work on the vertical production well to be completed. According to the company, the remedial work was required to flush out the down-hole pump due to a blockage of fines with production testing to resume shortly.


But as previously announced, the Selemo pod had achieved critical gas desorption pressure (CDP) and Tlou was encouraged by the build-up of gas pressure over a number of weeks. “As a result of the remedial work, the well will be brought down through CDP again, which Tlou is confident can be achieved in an efficient and timely fashion based on the well performance data gained over the last month,” Tlou Energy sai.


At the Lesedi Pilot, pump lift capacity was upgraded in mid-May to enhance the dewatering process. The water pumps on Lesedi now have the capacity to pump water at a greater rate than previous configurations.


“Tlou is confident that the new configuration will allow the drawdown phase of the Lesedi pod to be achieved much more efficiently. All else being equal, the high water rates in Lesedi should be indicative of the capacity of the coal reservoir to flow good gas volumes once CDP is achieved.”


The Lesedi CBM Project area includes the Lesedi pod and the Selemo pod.

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