Tlou Energy provides update on Botswana gas project

tlou bannerTlou Energy said since recommencement of production testing, the dewatering process at Selemo has progressed steadily with gas desorption pressure (CDP) recently being reached. The company added it was happy to have once again established that gas can be liberated from the coal by employing a careful dewatering process.

“The primary objective is to now demonstrate a commercial gas rate concurrent with the dewatering process,” it said in an update on Selemo Pilot Pod.

At the Lesedi Pilot Pod, the company revealed that the drilling rig and all other necessary equipment are expected to soon arrive on site to implement the remediation plan which has been designed to prevent the anomalous water influx. “The operations to implement this plan are on schedule to be completed in October 2014.”

“The aim of the remediation plan is to enable pumping operations to recommence at Lesedi with a dewatering profile more consistent to that seen on the Selemo Pod,” it added.

Tlou Energy also revealed that the Mopani 2P has been steadily dewatering with CDP being reached in mid-September 2014. Encouragingly since CDP was reached, the well head pressures have continued to steadily rise.

Tlou is currently focused on demonstrating a commercial gas rate at Mopani 2P and the other pilot pods concurrent with ongoing dewatering operations.

“As previously announced, the Company has made a decision to drill and complete for production testing, a new single vertical pilot well called ‘Lesedi 2P’. This decision was based on the encouraging results at Mopani 2.”


The drilling of Lesedi 2P commenced on 9 October 2014. The objective of vertical pilot wells Lesedi 2P and Mopani 2 is to provide flow rate comparisons to the Selemo and Lesedi lateral pilots.


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