KBL, BBL celebrate excellence as Mpedi joins Maluti Mountain Breweries

In a recent communication, KBL and BBL noted that almost all the Directors and indeed other Senior Executives, who have left the companies have moved on to assume senior positions including at CEO levels, elsewhere.

It is hugely significant, that Thomas Mpedi, the current General Manager at BBL has recently been appointed as Managing Director at Maluti Mountain Breweries in Lesotho; a highly coveted role that places him firmly at the pinnacle of his career. This is a huge source of pride for KBL and BBL.  The group of companies are proud of the exceptional leaders that they continue to produce as well as the attention this has received from leading players in the region.

Tom has truly had an illustrious career at BBL spanning over the past decade since he joined the company in 2000 as a Trainee.  From that time, he has since held the positions of Management Information Controller, Assistant Brewery Manager and Brewery Manager – Lobatse between the years 2001 and 2005.  Tom was then promoted to Senior Brewery Manager in 2006, responsible for the Gaborone Brewery, the flagship and the biggest of the Botswana opaque beer operations. In 2008 he was promoted to General Manager: Botswana Breweries Limited, a position he holds to date.

KBL and BBL are pleased that one of their own has been identified as worthy of this regional appointment, bearing testament to the high caliber of skills, knowledge and experience that the brewers continue to develop and inculcate to the benefit of Botswana and Corporate Africa.  For his comment the Group Managing Director Hloni Matsela said; ‘The development of local talent is one of our key priorities as we consider people to be our enduring advantage. It is therefore in our best interests to develop individuals who can drive our business forward, as well as being capable of leading other world-class businesses, and as a result contribute to the development of Botswana’s economy, our labour market reputation and  image.’Our group of companies invests substantial resources to support the growth and development of our talent pool, and it gives us immense pleasure to see our people become the very best that they can be, said Matsela. In consequence, and as these individuals take on other responsibilities, KBL and BBL always take this as an opportunity to look both within and outside for people who can bring new vim and vigor in order to continue to foster the success and legacy built overtime, and to sustain the business in the long term, Matsela added.

Whilst we are sad of Tom’s departure, we are also very excited about his new opportunity as Managing Director – Lesotho, and are confident that he will be given the necessary support, resources and room to flourish and continue to grow professionally. After all, we firmly believe in working and winning in teams, said Matsela.

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