MECS Africa expands recruitment services outside mining into agriculture

Roland Glass

Roland Glass

MICROmega Holdings Limited’s subsidiary company MECS Africa has announced its diversification strategy for the agriculture sector, offering a strong base of experienced candidates to this growing market segment. This will be an additional revenue stream for MECS Africa which enjoyed a 15.7% growth in revenue last year.

MECS Africa offers an integrated human resource solution for key services, namely: contractual manpower, recruitment, human resources and industrial relations management, payroll bureau, project logistics and employee benefit programmes.

The company has more than three decades of experience on the African continent providing human resource solutions to the mining, engineering, construction, offshore oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation sectors; now adding agriculture to that list.

“We continuoulsy strive to expand our service offering in order to find innovative niche recruitment sectors to offer our services and gain considerable market share”, said Roland Glass, Managing Director of MECS Africa. “Our company has built a strong recruitment methodology and we continously deliver high calibre candidates to our clients across the resources sector. The strategic evolution into the agricultural sector is a natural fit given our recruitment competency and experience across 16 countries in Africa”.

“It is a commonly known fact that food security is becoming an increasingly serious global issue, caused mainly by growing populations, on-going climatic uncertainty, and the diminishing availability of productive agricultural land in first world countries. Research shows that 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land is lying unused in Africa. “Agriculture is therefore positioned as one of the highlighted sectors on our continent for public and private partnerships and capital expenditure”, added Glass.

Glass further said the focus has always been on servicing niche sectors through executing two important value propositions: firstly, create the best employment opportunities the market has to offer and in turn attract the highest calibre of candidates; and secondly, understand our clients’ skilled labour requirements and their business, both technically and geographically. “Combining these core values and our recruitment experience positions our company well in the agriculture sector. By entering this sector we plan to add value to the various companies, institutions and candidates in the market place,” he said.

 “MECS Agri is an exciting venture that will create labour supply for a sector that is advancing through a period of high labour demand and growth”, states Greg Morris, Chief Executive officer of MICROmega Holdings.

MECS Africa has once again teamed up with one of MICROmega’s other subsidiary companies, NOSA, to gain momentum in the agriculture industry. NOSA Agricultural Services (NOSA Agri) is a new division of NOSA with its key focus on training, education, occupational health and safety risk management, auditing and consulting for the farming and agricultural sectors. While NOSA Agri strives to be the leader in up to date agricultural training and education in Africa, MECS Agri strives to provide skilled labour, project logistics and human resource services for the agriculture sector.

“MECS Africa is well positioned to react effectively and timeously to the demands of manpower management in the agricultural sector”, says Morris. “The company’s 40 000 strong candidate database and solid experience on the ground in various African countries have established MECS Africa as the preferred recruitment supplier to a variety of companies in South Africa and abroad.”“We are delighted to be working with the African and international agricultural companies”, states Glass. “We will be providing external recruitment services to these companies to ease the burden of in-house recruitment and workforce management. Furthermore, we are pleased to be broadening our recruitment expertise into a sector as critical as this”.

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