BIHL sponsors Badale CJSS prize giving

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Bifm sponsors Badale CJSS prizegiving

Bifm sponsors Badale CJSS prizegiving

2013 has seen a strong focus by BIHL Trust on working to develop Botswana’s education sector. A number of CSI efforts with the objective of motivating school going students to excel in their studies have been carried out in the past. Most recently, BIHL Trust partnered with Badale CJSS to celebrate student achievements, sponsoring the school’s annual prize giving ceremony held on the 18th of October 2013 in the village of Mathathane.

BIHL Trust’s worked with the school to celebrate top achievers through contribution of 21 trophies, 15 personalised books, 12 certificates and 17 medals. Accolades included recognition for such achievements as Best Students in Leadership; Best per Subject; and Best per Form (Forms 1, 2, and 3). In addition, prizes were award for Most well behaved students and Best in Sports.

In an effort to make school attendance a more enjoyable experience, BIHL Trust showered students with gifts of school stationary, bags and other merchandise. Students were encouraged and motivated to work hard in order to make it out of the village and embrace a future full of possibilities throughout the world.

Said BIHL Trust Administrator, Mr. Tiro Modimoosi, “We cannot overemphasise the importance of a solid partnership between the parents and teachers in ensuring every child receives an education. Through support of stakeholders within the community as well as joint efforts in the way of such organisations as Parent Teacher Associations, parents are supported in demonstrating a keen interest in their children’s school work.”

Badale CJSS is a small community junior school with an enrolment of approximately 224 students and a pass rate of about 69.2%. Most of parents of the students attending the school earn minimum wages by working in nearby farms and are often require support in ensuring their children received a promising education. BIHL Trust’s efforts and participation in the school prized giving project came through Global Shapers, an organization mandated to seek sponsorships for projects that positively impact societies in Botswana.

Continued Mr. Modimoosi, “Equipping these children with knowledge and access to knowledge is investing in our very future. The talent and bright minds of these children will have them make us proud as a nation as they take on any number of great ambitions in the world, They simply require support and encouragement to be able to take those steps and be given a fighting chance to embrace those opportunities.”

Previous work by the Trust within the education space has included refurbishing primary school classrooms and turning them into libraries through the Adopt a School initiative. Beneficiaries as part of the initiative have included Mogobane Primary School ,Tshwaragano Primary School in Old Naledi, and a remote primary school in Cwaanyaneng, Borolong, to name a few.  In addition, the BIHL Trust has fast become known for the development of the BIHL Thomas Tlou Scholarship program, which sponsors graduates to do their Masters degrees from the University of Botswana, a testament to BIHL’s commitment towards bettering the lives of those in the local community

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