Stanbic In Drive To Empower SME Sector

Stanbic Bank rewards 6 winners

Stanbic Bank rewards 6 winners

Stanbic Bank Botswana shared resources with six local entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses as part of the bank’s endeavour to empower local Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). According to the bank, six lucky business owners were awarded state of the art laptops as part of the project.

The winners were part of a pool that qualified for a competition draw conducted on the Stanbic Bank sponsored radio show; Better Business; More Lebotha (BBML) on Yarona FM. BBML is a financial literacy segment that aired weekly for eight (8) months, educating small business owners and aspirants about various financial aspects of a business. Hosted by Tshepang “Izzy” Motsisi, the show targeted youthful entrepreneurs, with the view to better inform, educate and support SMEs in Botswana.

“Deciding to start a business takes guts, and I applaud our winners for taking that leap. Botswana imports products and services worth billions of Pulas, local businesses should see this as an opportunity to grow and play a role in growing Botswana’s economy,” said Onkabetse Morapedi, Head of SME Banking at Stanbic Bank.

The big laptop prize giveaway took place live on air on the show’s season finale. SMEs often struggle to advance because of limited resources, one of which is access to technology for ease of business processes.

The concept for the giveaway was conceived with the hopes that the laptops will aid in advancing the winners’ business. Technology resources are vital for businesses to grow in the current fast paced business environment.

Amongst some of the key needs is for keeping company records, Internet banking, research and general business communication. The winners, Pato Kelesitse, Kutlwano Phillimon, Kabelo Ramusu, Jilian Bradley, Donald Barwabatsile and Boikobo Segokgo received their brand new laptops at the Stanbic Bank Head Office.

“BBML gave me an in-depth and localised understanding how to better manage finances, both personal and business, and I am very grateful to have won this laptop-a necessary   resource in this age because a lot of things are technology based like internet banking and emails,” said Kutlwano Phillimon.

“These laptops are but a small gesture that is part of a greater need for the growth and     development of Botswana’s SMEs. As a key engine of growth in our economy, their success is vital to the growth and diversification of the national economy, and we look forward to further initiatives to move young entrepreneurs, and indeed Batswana as a whole, forward,” said Duduetsang Chappelle-Molloy, Head of Marketing Manager, Stanbic Bank Botswana.


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