Gem Diamonds Kalahari Cycle Challenge Supports Lekgolobotlo Clinic

VDC Chairperson Mr. Motshegetsi Makwa, Lekgolobotlo Councillor Hon. John Taolo, Kgosi Aupa Molosi Mokabedi, Stanbic Bank Head of Risk Mr

VDC Chairperson Mr. Motshegetsi Makwa, Lekgolobotlo Councillor Hon. John Taolo, Kgosi Aupa Molosi Mokabedi, Stanbic Bank Head of Risk Mr

Residents of Lekgolobotlo are set to experience enhanced healthcare delivery due to increased infrastructure at the local clinic. Located in the heart of the village, the local clinic on Friday 30
th October 2015 received a much-welcomed extension of its healthcare facilities in the form of a porta cabin, courtesy of Stanbic Bank Botswana.

The donation of the P100,000 porta cabin and some furniture comes following the successful hosting of the 2015 instalment of the Gem Diamonds Kalahari Cycle Challenge, which Stanbic Bank supported.

The Challenge committed to creating a “Community Support Programme” for the communities through which it rides, part and parcel of which is Stanbic Bank’s support for the programme through upgrading and expanding existing facilities at Lekgolobotlo clinic.

Seamus O’Neill of Gem Diamonds Kalahari Challenge 2015 said they identified the clinic as a relevant beneficiary of the event and are delighted to see the fruits of the Challenge realised in this way to the benefit of an entire community.

“We are committed to using the Gem Diamond Kalahari Cycle Challenge platform to do well in a way, and this is certainly a testament to that fact.”

As the local community of Lekgolobotlo continues to grow, the demand for healthcare service has, similarly, increased. The Lekgolobotlo clinic found itself in need of an extension of its facilities to service the community as space limitations proved to be a very real challenge. The increased facilities are anticipated to benefit not only residents in the immediate vicinity, but also those in the surrounding areas.

“We are pleased to support the residents of Lekgolobotlo with this porta cabin which we hope will have a sustainable impact well into the future. Limited access to healthcare or insufficient health care facilities is a challenge faced by non-urban areas of Botswana and a key obstacle in allowing communities to move forward and indeed thrive. We see this across Botswana, and one cannot overemphasise what a difference it makes to the sustainable development of a community and its people to have affordable, accessible healthcare at their disposal,” said Chris Gwere, Head of Risk at Stanbic Bank.

Stanbic Bank’s CSI efforts over the years have seen a number of strategic, sustainable investments including in the rural health care space. In 2012, the Bank donated a fully equipped mobile clinic to benefit the community of Shakawe and its neighbouring villages.

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