Rio Tinto to start mining data at its Analytics Excellence Centre

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Rio Tinto haul truck carrying ore (Pic By Rio Tinto)

Rio Tinto haul truck carrying ore (Pic By Rio Tinto)

Rio Tinto said it will begin mining big data at its world-first Analytics Excellence Centre to significantly enhance equipment productivity across its global operations.

According to the company, the centre will assess massive volumes of data captured by the array of sensors attached to Rio Tinto’s fixed and mobile equipment and enable experts to predict and prevent engine breakdowns and other downtime events, significantly boosting productivity and safety.

Using predictive mathematics, machine learning and advanced modelling, data scientists in the Analytics Excellence Centre in Pune, India will be working to identify a range of problems before they occur. This analysis will reduce maintenance costs and production losses from unplanned breakdowns.

“The Analytics Excellence Centre will allow us to extract maximum value from the data we are capturing around the performance of our equipment, making our operations more predictable, efficient and safer,” said Rio Tinto group executive technology and innovation Greg Lilleyman.

“This is a world-first for the mining industry and is all part of Rio Tinto’s relentless pursuit of productivity gains across our businesses. The Centre will help us predict the future through the use of advanced data analytic techniques to pinpoint with incredible accuracy the operating performance of our equipment. Our aim is to run more efficient, smarter and safer mining operations and provide greater shareholder returns.”

He added that this is bringing the world of tomorrow to today and “we’re combining human experience with machine intelligence and providing more support to our operations.”

Rio Tinto has partnered with IGATE to develop the Analytics Excellence Centre.

The Centre is the latest phase of Rio Tinto’s Mine of the Future™ programme, which is dedicated to finding advanced ways of improving safety and productivity.

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