Anglo American Makes Changes To South Africa’s Leadership Structure

Mr. Norman Mbazima, CEO of Kumba Iron Ore (Pic By

Mr. Norman Mbazima, CEO of Kumba Iron Ore (Pic By

Anglo American plc has announced changes to its leadership structure in South Africa following a detailed governance review. The diversified mining group said the reorganisation of the Board of Anglo American South Africa (“AASA”) would bring greater effectiveness and alignment across the Group’s diversified mining businesses in South Africa.

Anglo said following Michael Spicer’s decision to retire as Chairman of the AASA Board, Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive of Anglo American, will assume the role of the Chairman. Mark’s appointment will enhance the strength of the AASA Board and he will lead the Group’s engagement with key stakeholders in South Africa.

Norman Mbazima, CEO of Kumba Iron Ore, will assume the role of Deputy Chairman of AASA, fulfilling the fiduciary duties of the AASA Board whilst continuing to lead the Kumba business.

Anglo American has appointed Andile Sangqu to the newly established role of Executive Head of Anglo American South Africa. Andile will work with the South Africa-based businesses to help deliver the Group’s strategy in the region, will provide leadership and co-ordination to the Group’s stakeholder relations initiatives in South Africa and will facilitate regional alignment with the Group’s central functions. Andile will serve as a director on the AASA Board and report to Mbazima.

Khanyisile Kweyama has resigned from Anglo American with effect 31 May 2015 in order to focus on her role as CEO of Business Unity South Africa.

Anglo America CEO, Mr. Mark Cutifani

Anglo America CEO, Mr. Mark Cutifani

Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive of Anglo American, said the changes are crucial and demonstrate Anglo American’s commitment to playing an active and leading role in the ongoing development of a responsible, sustainable and competitive business and mining sector in South Africa.

“I am pleased to appoint Norman Mbazima and Andile Sangqu to their new roles. They possess the knowledge and experience required to achieve our business ambitions while we create value for South Africa and for our shareholders and stakeholders. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Khanyisile Kweyama for her valuable contribution to our business during her tenure with the Group, and wish her well for the future.”

“As Chairman, a key part of my role will be to reinforce our commitment as a development partner to all of our stakeholders in South Africa and to support the SA leadership team in building and maintaining stakeholders’ trust and confidence in the Group.”

Andile Sangqu said: “I welcome the opportunity to join Anglo American and I look forward to working closely with the South African team to achieve our business objectives and advance our relationships with our myriad stakeholders.”

Harry Calver is also retiring from the AASA Board and Mark Cutifani would like to thank both Michael Spicer and Harry Calver for their contribution to the AASA Board. Further announcements in relation to the composition of the AASA board will be made in due course.


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