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A new Wilderness is here. From humble beginnings in Botswana almost 40 years ago, the company started with a few rustic tents, a single Land Rover, two dedicated safari guides, and a dream of showcasing Africa’s iconic wild places. Wilderness has since grown into a world-leading conservation and hospitality company, with over 3,000 passionate employees, and over 60 camps in eight countries. Today, Wilderness proudly announces its new brand and website; taking its core conservation ethos and passion for hospitality to even greater heights, and ensuring that the company is well positioned for future global growth.

“We’ve changed, evolved, and grown hugely over the years, but our biggest change is finally here”, noted Wilderness CEO, Keith Vincent. “We have an ambitious goal – to double the amount of land we help conserve by 2030. In order to increase the world’s wilderness, together, and to continue protecting Earth’s most iconic wild destinations, we needed to reposition our brand in order to take our pioneering hospitality and conservation model beyond Africa’s borders”.

By bringing guests to discover the beating pulse of Earth’s ultimate, untamed places, Wilderness is determined to have an even bigger impact on protecting the world’s most iconic wilderness, wildlife, and local communities. To immerse guests in real nature and culture; to discover the world’s most exciting places for themselves.

“We are the same company, with the same ethos; just with a more modern and edgy look and feel, an exciting new logo and enhanced brand messaging. Conservation remains our core purpose – that will never change. Everything we do – from creating new conservation initiatives to opening new camps and pioneering hospitality across the globe – is in support of this purpose”, Keith added.

The first change is that the company’s name has been simplified to Wilderness (i.e. it has dropped “Safaris”). “This truly encompasses who we are and what we really do: increasing the world’s wilderness. Although we’ll continue to offer leading safari experiences, it’s time for our name to reflect our iconic destinations and the diversity of places we operate in, both now and into the future. We do so much more than just safaris – from primate trekking to stargazing, nature walks, boating and learning about new cultures”, said Chief Marketing Officer, Simone Strahle.

Wilderness’ new logo is an expression of both halves of the business: conservation and hospitality. It symbolises the places Wilderness protects – unfenced, untamed, and unpredictable, as well as the experiences it creates within them – around discovery, adventure and exploration. It is an abstracted and raw symbol of the wild, which takes its inspiration from the long grasses representing the diversity of habitats and all the areas in which Wilderness operates. It is designed to invite intrigue, and make you want to push through these long grasses to explore what the destination holds.

“We are also thrilled to reveal our brand-new website, www.wildernessdestinations.com, which is a better reflection of our wild places and extraordinary journeys. We hope it entices our guests and partners to discover the beating pulse of each different destination within our Collection; that it helps people envision themselves in front of a crackling campfire, listening to the stirrings of the night – bringing them closer to nature and the wilderness”, Simone added.

As a pioneering collective, Wilderness is extremely grateful for the ongoing support of all its staff, guests, partners and stakeholders. “It is our joint responsibility to increase the world’s wilderness together and to ensure a better future for our planet and for our future generations. The more we grow, the more impact we can have on the habitats we conserve, the species we protect, and the communities we inspire, empower and uplift. Our future is bright – we look forward to embarking on the next Wilderness chapter, and working together to expand our pioneering business model across the globe”, Keith concluded.

For detailed information and the Wilderness brand toolkit, click here.

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