Lansmore’s One & Only Burger finally meets its match

The One and Only burger

The One and Only burger

The One & Only burger has finally met its match. With a number of “almosts” since the culinary feat was introduced in February of this year, and after an army of contenders have tried their luck, a victor has at long last been identified.


The burger was conquered on Wednesday 15th October 2014 before the cheering, chanting crowd outside Espretto, Lansmore Masa Square. The champion, Mr. Meshack Moseki, been awarded the rolled over prize of P9,000.. Indeed, he has also earned the respect of hundreds of onlookers and fallen contenders from weeks passed, as well as, no doubt, bragging rights for life. The prize is now re-set to P1,000.


“It’s fantastic to see a victor at long last! What is most exciting here is that he has truly risen to the challenge and successful conquered it well within the rules and regulations set before him. It is no easy feat and we commend him for this, as I am sure all friends and family of Lansmore will too!” said Lansmore Masa Square General Manager, Rupert Elliott.

He successfully completed The One & Only Burger Challenge in a record 27 minutes. With 3 minutes remaining on the clock, nonchalantly teased about being ready for another helping. Now a fallen champ, The One & Only comprises of a 1kg pure Botswana ground beef patty, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, grilled pineapple, cheddar cheese and a creamy blue cheese and mushroom sauce.

Concluded Executive Chef, Rico Carlinsky, the wizard behind the majestic One & Only,  “We thank all of our contenders in months past for their fervour and their efforts. Indeed, we’re grateful to the many supporters who come out each week to make this such a fun and engaging platform. We have one champion, and yet it’s cause for celebration for all. We now look forward to yet another first from Lansmore in the future as the team work on our next big idea!”

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