Tsodilo Resources completes conceptual geological model for BK16

Tsodilo map

Tsodilo map

Tsodilo Resources Limited said it has completed a conceptual geological model for BK16 located within the Orapa Kimberlite Field in Botswana. According to available data, Botswana diamond mines have produced an average of 27 million carats annually in the last 10 years and the country is the world’s largest producer of diamonds by value. In 2013, the OKF area produced 12,926,500 carats.

Bosoto (Pty) Ltd., which is 75% owned by Tsodilo, has completed the review of all the available historical drill data for BK16. It has incorporated this data with its own ground magnetic and gravity survey results that the Company acquired in October (see press release November 4, 2014) in order to complete a conceptual geological model.

The historical drill data used for this project comprises 27 boreholes to a cumulative depth of 3,553.25 meters. This is a combination of 12-inch reverse circulation drilling (5 holes, 641 meters), 6.5-inch percussion holes (19 holes, 2,290 meters), and HQ diamond drilling (3 holes, 622.25 meters).

According to Tsodilo Resources, along with the main kimberlite pipe the geophysical model supports the presence of a smaller satellite pipe to the south-east of the main pipe where kimberlite has been intersected by two of the historical exploration drill holes. The main pipe and this second pipe have been interpreted to be linked by a north-west trending dyke based on the geophysics. This second intrusion has not penetrated the Karoo basalts and if therefor interpreted as a blind pipe.

The conceptual geological model will be used as a platform to design Bosoto’s forthcoming diamond drill program. Bosoto plans to drill 12 diamond holes to a cumulative depth of 4,200 meters using its own drill rigs starting mid-January 2015. This will enable the Company to establish a more robust geological model that will then be used to site the Large Diameter Drill (LDD) holes for evaluation purposes later in 2015.

Tsodilo Resources Limited is an international diamond and metals exploration company engaged in the search for economic diamond and metal deposits at its Newdico (Pty) Limited (“Newdico”) and Gcwihaba Resources (Pty) Limited (“Gcwihaba”) projects in northwest Botswana. The Company has a 98% stake in Newdico (851 km2 under Precious Stone – diamond licenses).

The Gcwihaba project area: 494 km2 under Precious Stone – diamond licenses; 11,158 km2 Metal (base, precious, platinum group, and rare earth) licenses; and, 6,925 km2 under Radioactive Minerals licenses is 100% held by the Company. The Company has a 75% stake in Bosoto (Pty) Ltd.

Tsodilo manages the exploration of the Newdico, Gcwihaba and Bosoto license areas. Overall supervision of the Company’s exploration program is the responsibility of Dr. Mike de Wit, President and COO of the Company and a “qualified person” as such term is defined in National Instrument 43-101.


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