Debswana Takes Security Of Diamonds Seriously- MD

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Mr. Balisi Bonyongo, CEO of Debswana

Mr. Balisi Bonyongo, CEO of Debswana

The Managing Director of Debswana, Balisi Bonyongo said his company places high value on the security of diamonds because of their strategic importance to the economy of Botswana. Delivering a keynote address at the 21st Regional Security Conference in Gaborone, Bonyongo said the process of extracting diamonds from the earth and unlocking their value needs to be protected throughout the diamond pipeline.


Bonyongo further noted that the mining industry across the globe is currently facing tough challenges, so every carat counts for a diamond mining company such as Debswana, hence the need for robust security. Bonyongo further highlighted the value adding partnership of security with the rest of the diamond mining business.

“The Debswana Security department has evolved over the years from being an object of fear, viewed as policing unit, to as a strategic partner central to the success of our mining business,”  said Bonyongo. He further noted, “Our Corporate Security is rising to the challenge with a strategy that seeks to position security as a credible, approachable and value-adding business partner with a focus on people, culture, security systems, solutions, investigations and intelligence.”


The conference, which also launched the newly formed African Security Management Association, was jointly held by the International Security Management Association and the US State Department Overseas Security Advisory Council. It was attended by delegates from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Belgium, France, United Kingdom and the United States of America.


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