BIHL staff in Braai Master cook off at Sebele

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BIHL Braai Master 1

The members of staff of Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) group took to the grills this past weekend, participating in the BIHL Braai Master cook off in Sebele. The employees gathered for a team-building-exercise-come-CSI-activity with a twist. Before a panel of 3 judges, the group staged its very own reality-style cook-off to feed 198 children from the Adopt-A-Person (AAP) Orphanage Centre.

“Born out of an idea to get staff into a much more fun and engaging spirit as we head towards the end of the year, we wanted to do something that would at once encourage a health dose of competition and amongst the team and bring out our fun and creative sides. At the same time, we wanted to live true to the inherent philanthropic mandate within the business: to help others in a hands-on way,” said

BIHL PR, Communications and Marketing Manager, Tebogo Keepetsoe. With the support of such sponsors as Sefalana Holdings and Mini Mart & Deli, the BIHL Braai Master saw an array of ingredients provided to 3 teams within the staff complement. The teams battled it out across 3
stages: the breakfast, the braai and the potjie. Teams had to create a dish using ingredients provided and cooked on coals or an open flame within the space of an hour, for both the breakfast and braai stages.

A panel of judges, comprising of Chef Rico Carlinsky and Chef McJon Mosenene from Botswana Chefs Association, along with Mini Mart & Deli Managing Director, Yavor Sabev, critiqued each dish created. These were assessed according to taste, originality, appearance, sanitation, and organisation, with each team scoring points within the various rounds. The final round, the development of the potjie, was based upon recipes shared by the judges, and with a longer time on the clock. The 3 potjies, with a fourth prepared by Chef Carlinsky, fed the 198 children present on the day through the Adopt-A-Person initiative.

Following a morning of play with educational activities and outdoor games the children enjoyed a festive lunch against the background of the cooling rain. Additional food stuffs, including raw ingredients, were then donated towards the organisation courtesy of BIHL Group.

“We are so incredibly grateful to our sponsors, from Sefalana to Mini Mart & Deli, for their generosity and their eagerness to be a part of such a project. It’s proven to be a phenomenal success and thanks goes out to our three judges as well for the time they sacrificed, the passion they brought to the occasion, and indeed the patience with which they assistance our teams! Though only one team took home the title and trophy of BIHL Braai Masters, it fast became apparent we have many a food specialist hidden amongst us!” said Keepetsoe.

Adopt-A-Person is a non-profit voluntary organization that was established in 2002. The initiative came as a result of the former President Mogae’s call for the nation to join hands and fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Having begun with only 57 volunteers, the organization has since grown and today boasts nearly 900 volunteers, the majority of whom have undergone vigorous training in counseling.

The children cared for by Adopt-A-Person come from various backgrounds, including from under-privileged, negligent parents and from families ravaged by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The initiative aims to ensure they have safe, caring environments and are given the chance towards a happy, healthy life.

 “The work that Adopt-A-Person do is incredible. Their selflessness in working to create happy memories for the children of Botswana cannot be matched, and we are so pleased to be able to partner with them in this way. Support of youth and development initiatives forms a crucial focus area for the BIHL Trust, and this stems from the passionate, dedicated and giving hearts of the people within the BIHL family. All those who helped make the day possible share this passion, and we are grateful to have such friends and family of BIHL join us in such initiatives,” she said

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