BDC Looking To Support Environmentally Beneficial Projects

BDC Managing Directo, Bashi Gaetsaloe (Pic By BDC)

BDC Managing Directo, Bashi Gaetsaloe (Pic By BDC)

Botswana Development Corporation (BDC), the government investment arm says it will endeavour to support environmentally beneficial projects and refuse those that do harm. The corporation led by Bashi Gaetsaloe stated in the 2014 annual report that its property portfolio, including the new Head Office, will be designed to ensure ‘we manage energy and other resources used.’

BDC said it is aware that a healthy environment is a necessary condition for individuals, communities, businesses and economies to thrive.

“Therefore we have to take every opportunity to make a difference and to reduce environmental degradation,” the annual report stated.

“This is a priority for our organisation because we also understand that as a financial institution, the corporation will not directly participate in the operations of projects which may have negative impact on the environment’s scarce natural resources. However, it is possible that projects we finance might.”

BDC, therefore, said it would seek to give priority to and support entrepreneurs who create and use clean technologies as well as renewable energy companies.

“Through our continuous monitoring of projects and through independent Boards of entities that we invest in, the Boards of the BDC Group of companies continually ensure that minimising environmental impact is an essential component of policy frameworks,” added.

“The Corporation will continue to report in a candid manner the performance of entities that we have invested in which have the potential to impact the environment and need to be carefully managed. At present, the Corporation has interests in entities that, by the nature of their business, would be so characterised.”

“Ultimately, we believe that when we help our subsidiaries and clients develop business strategies that take advantage of green opportunities and reduce the adverse environmental impacts of their business, we help to build the foundation for a sustainable future.”

Botswana Development Corporation Limited (the Company) is a public entity set up by the Government of the Republic of Botswana (GRB) to promote development through equity and loan investment finance.

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