Orange Botswana Launches World Class Data Centre to Boost the Country’s Tech Ecosystem 

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hrough their commitment to continually champion technology and improve Botswana’s ICT infrastructure, Orange Botswana officially launched its world class Tier III Certified Data Center at the Botswana Digital Innovation Hub and Technology Park on the 28th of November 2023. The official opening of the Data Centre was led by the Minister of Communications, Knowledge, and Technology Honourable Thulagano Merafe Segokgo.

An investment of more than One Hundred and Fifty Million Pula has been injected into the development and equipping of the Orange Botswana Data Centre. Through the investment  the state-the-art data centre is expected to enhance network connectivity nationally and internationally therefore improving network experience for Orange Botswana customers worldwide.

Said Minister of Communications, Knowledge, and Technology Honourable Thulagano Merafe Segokgo, “The availability and access to digital technology has for a long time been an important concern for the Government of Botswana. Major investments are continually made to update our ICT policies and regulations, invest in key infrastructure, and create a favourable operational environment for the growth of ICT use and the industry in Botswana. In this regard, Botswana can consider herself fortunate to have Orange Botswana’s Data Center as a symbol of the necessary involvement of the private sector in advancing the investment made in the people of Botswana and the advancement of creating a knowledge-based economy with production systems based on intellectual property and digital products.”

As Orange Botswana celebrates 25 years of making an impact in Botswana, the Orange Data Centre is a testament to its commitment to bringing Batswana closer to what matters to them. The location of the Data Centre at the Botswana Digital Innovation Hub is expected to cover network accessibility of Botswana’s population of over two million people, enhancing 4G technology and 5G technology, offering greater levels of security, flexibility and accessibility to data and information around the world.

Said Orange Middle East and Africa Deputy CEO, Mr. Brelotte Ba, “Today is a special occasion that indicates the culmination of careful planning, dedication, and the collaborative efforts of many teams and stakeholders across the world. Orange group is pleased to see many of these platforms and innovations brought to life and demonstrated right here in Botswana. You would note that the Orange group is present in 26 countries with a total customer base of 296 million customers worldwide including 251 million mobile customers and 25 million fixed broadband customers. Botswana forms part of these impressive statistics. We at Orange Group continue to ensure that Botswana can further participate in the digital revolution, reaping the socio-economic rewards that stand to deliver incredible impact for all. The African continent is an inspirational and successful model for digital transformation. Orange is very proud of the footprint on the continent and our investment made to meeting people’s needs and expectations to become the preferred telecom operator for all.”

In pursuit of world-class standards, the Orange Data Centre proudly carries the Uptime Tier Certification (Tier 3), a classification system employed to standardise the reliability and availability of data centers worldwide internationally. This certification, granted by the globally recognised Uptime Institute, attests to Orange Botswana’s commitment to ensuring the continuous operation of critical IT systems and upholding the highest industry standards.

“We are determined to move steadily towards uninterrupted services and look forward to offering Batswana advanced services like cloud solutions and real-time communication as well as constant connectivity through 5G. This new Data Center will also allow for maintenance without service interruption through concurrent maintainability, a capability that we are confident will increase customer satisfaction beyond where it is today. As Orange Botswana aspires to position the nation at the forefront of technological advancements, our role extends beyond infrastructure. By embracing cutting-edge technology and fostering an innovation-centric environment, we are actively contributing to the realisation of Botswana’s 4th Industrial Revolution economic aspirations,” Concluded Orange Botswana CEO, Nene Maiga.

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