Copper/ Nickel miner BCL in 10 km wellness walk campaign

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In an effort to encourage and maintain quality Health, Safety and wellbeing among employees at workplace, BCL will undertake 1 month Wellness Campaign from November 10, 2012.

This campaign is in recognition of excessive use or abuse of alcohol and drug’s negative impact on production, physical and psychological effects, absenteeism, social ills such as violence and family problems, addictive behavior and unnecessary spending.

This campaign will be launched through a 10km walk on November 10, 2012. Registration will be at 0530AM at Makhubu Club and the Walk commences at 0600AM.

The campaign is aimed at providing information/education to employees to increase understanding of problematic substance use and workplace policies and support and provide support to employees with problematic alcohol and substance use.

At the sametime, the campaign will provide training to supervisors so they can recognize a problem and have the skills to intervene appropriately (within their roles) and reduce incidents related to excessive use of alcohol at workplace. Equally, the campaign will promote a work-culture healthy life styles free of drugs and alcohol and promote wellbeing and exercise

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