Pangolin Diamonds recovers micro-diamonds from Tsabong North project

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Pangolin site mapPangolin Diamonds Corp. has announced the recovery of micro-diamonds from a series of recently acquired core samples from the Magi kimberlitic sandy tuff at its 100%-owned Tsabong North project in south-west Botswana.

The company said the samples of drill hole from Magi-005 collected for diamond recovery at the kimberlitic Magi area have returned three micro-diamonds from two consecutive samples (sample 2304: 45.65 meters to 47.65 meters and sample 2305: 47.65 meters to 49.35 meters) with a total length of 3.7 meters.

The samples are described as reddish brown, fine to medium grained sandy tuff with greater than 10% rock fragments of quartz and schist, with some micro faults/joints in-filled with siltstone. There are additional similar sandy tuff horizons in the drill hole available for sampling.

The Magi core samples were submitted to the Saskatchewan Research Council Geoanalytical Laboratories (“SRC”) accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard by the Standards Council of Canada as a testing laboratory for diamond analysis using caustic fusion.

“During the period between sampling and the delivery of these results Pangolin has continued to work on the Magi area. A ground magnetic survey was particularly successful in recognizing two separate magnetic features in close proximity to the sandy tuff area,” said Pangolin.

“Drill hole Magi008 was recently completed and ten split-core samples of fine to medium grained chaotic to banded sandy tuff were selected for diamond recovery work. These samples are on route to CF Mineral Research Limited in Canada. The results are not expected for at least one to two months. Drill hole Magi-007 was just completed and will be logged and sampled as necessary. Planning is now underway to step-up the sampling and drilling program at Magi.”

Mmadinare Diamond Project

Pangolin received a confirmation report of previously reported micro-diamonds recovered from soil samples at its 100% owned Mmadinare Diamond Project in north-east Botswana. The confirmation testing report of four grains from the Mmadinare project; two previously reported as micro-diamonds after mineral observation (Block 01 and Block 02) and two additional “possible” micro-diamonds (Block 01) did not pass diamond testing. The significant numbers of mineral indicators recovered from the same set of samples, primarily ilmenites, are being prepared for micro-probe analysis to characterize their potential diamond affinity. The Company remains confident that the indicator rich areas discovered to date and the presence of the SWS-21 intrusion containing mantle minerals with chemistry related to the diamond stability field are indicative of the area’s diamond potential.

Diamond confirmation testing was carried out by CF Mineral Research Limited in Kelowna, Canada using an EDS spectrum test. The first phase of follow-up soil sampling designed to expand on the discovery of numerous indicator minerals in two separate areas within
the project is complete. The 148 samples will be processed by Pangolin in its DMS plant located in Francistown, Botswana. Mineral
concentrates will then be observed by an independent agent with confirmation testing, if necessary, by CF Mineral Research Limited.

Malatswae Diamond Project

Pangolin Diamonds, in its wholly owned subsidiary Geocontracts Botswana (Pty) Limited, was issued in terms of Section 16 of the Mines and Minerals Act, a new Prospecting Licence (PL247/2014) for the exclusive right to prospect for Precious Stones within a 839 km2 area of the Central District, Botswana. Field work will begin shortly in accordance with the proposed work programme outlined in the PL application. The first year will involve soil sampling for indicator minerals on a one kilometre grid.

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