Lucara Shareholders To Share $172 Million Karowe Cut

Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) listed Lucara Diamond Corp. has put smiles on it shareholders’ faces with news that it will share proceeds of sparkle from Karowe diamonds by a way of a special dividend. The company, which is now known for uncovering exceptional stones like tennis-sized Lesedi La Rona diamond, said its board has approved the return of Canadian $172 million to shareholders by way of a special dividend of Canadian $0.45 per share to the holders of the company’s common shares.

Lucara's 1111-Carat diamond

Lucara’s 1111-Carat diamond

Lucara added that the special dividend will be paid in addition to the company’s existing progressive 2016 quarterly dividend of Canadian $0.015 per share. The company is maintaining a progressive dividend policy where the dividend is expected to rise at least in line with increases in earnings per share. However, if earnings per share fall, the dividend will not be reduced.

“A total dividend payment of Canadian $0.465 per share is hereby declared and will be paid on September 15, 2016 to holders of record of the Company’s common shares at the close of business on September 2, 2016.”

The payment of the dividend is consistent with the company’s dividend policy providing for the payment of quarterly dividends and the payment, from time to time, of a special dividend based on revenues generated based on the company’s overall financial position and other factors existing at the time under consideration.

“The payment of future cash dividends under the policy is subject to the board’s continuing determination that the declaration of a dividend is in the best interests of Lucara and Lucara’s shareholders and is in compliance with all laws and agreements of Lucara applicable to the declaration and payment of cash dividends.”

Lucara CEO, William Lamb said the company is rewarding its shareholders with a significant special dividend which is unprecedented in the industry and shows their commitment to rewarding shareholders based on the company’s success in generating strong financial returns.

“The Karowe mine is a premier diamond deposit and continues to recover high quality stones, which is resulting in continued growth in the Company’s cash balance,” Lamb said.” Following this dividend payment, we will continue to maintain a strong balance sheet and continue to seek value accretive opportunities, which includes advancing our exploration and drilling program to increase the Company’s resources”.

Lucara, which recently failed to sell the exceptional 1,109 carat Type IIa Lesedi La Rona diamond at a London auction, will publish its 2016 Second Quarter results on Thursday, August 4, 2016 after the market close in North America.

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