The Rapaport Group To Present ALROSA’s Dynasty Collection In New York

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The Rapaport Group is pleased to announce that we are collaborating with ALROSA in promoting the sale of their unique Dynasty Diamond collection. The diamonds will be displayed at Rapaport’s New York office between November 8-17 and a silent auction will be held online on November 29.

The collection includes five polished diamonds cut from the same 179-carat rough, known as The Romanovs. Each of the five polished stones is D-color and VVS1 quality and is named after a Russian family that played a role in developing the country’s diamond and jewelry trade. The Dynasty Diamond, the largest of the collection, is a round brilliant-cut 51.38ct D VVS1 Triple EX and has been cut by ALROSA’s master cutters to the world’s finest standards. It is expected to be the most valuable diamond ALROSA has ever polished.
“We are delighted to be collaborating with ALROSA and assisting them with the sale of this very unique collection.

This collaboration marks a new enriched Rapaport and ALROSA relationship and symbolizes a new strategy and significant commitment by ALROSA to brand its most unique, fine quality diamonds and sell them downstream. We are very excited to enhance ALROSA’s brand and reach and provide our global client base with the unique opportunity to buy some of the rarest and finest quality diamonds as they are unearthed and discovered,” said Ezi Rapaport, Director of Global Trading, Rapaport Group.

“We are changing our polishing business strategy, and the Dynasty diamond collection is the first significant step on this path. We are glad to showcase the collection now in New York in collaboration with such a reliable partner as The Rapaport Group. Viewings of the diamonds to date have shown a high level of interest and generated positive feedback from both the industry and our private clients. I’m sure that the mastership of the Russian diamond cutters will allow the Dynasty collection to shine,” said Sergey Ivanov, ALROSA President.


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