MICROmega Holdings Limited enters U.S market

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MICROmega_logoMICROmega Holdings’ Limited is to provide occupational risk management services to the City of Phoenix Water Services Department (WSD), a service that will be provided by NOSA, a subsidiary company of MICROmega. Phoenix is the capital city of the United States state of Arizona and is the sixth most populous city in the United States.  NOSA will work closely with WSD to maintain and enhance the existing Five Star Health and Safety Program which was implemented over the last five years.

NOSA will assist WSD in complying with the standards of the 5-Star Safety and Health Management System, including annual safety audits of
work areas, a review of their current systems, procedures, and policies related to health and safety compliance, development and implementation of action plans and safety standards as well as training and follow-up audits. The annual safety audits will also address housekeeping; mechanical, electrical, and personal safeguarding; fire protection and prevention; incident and accident reporting and investigation; and safety and health organization for treatment plants, service yards, remote sites and offices.

“These audits will identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Thereafter, NOSA will manage post audit activities where action plans and schedules will be formulated to correct deviations identified in the audit as well as follow up inspections to make sure that there is a high level of compliance with the NOSA Five Star System,” explains Duncan Carlisle, the Chairman of NOSA.

In addition to the audits and post audit activities, NOSA will improve the risk management performance of Phoenix WSD by educating
stakeholders in all elements of the NOSA Five Star System through seminars and workshops.  NOSA has considerable experience in providing occupational risk management services to the government sector and deals with the largest water utility in South Africa (Rand Water) as well as
providing services to Eskom and Transnet. The City of Cape Town uses NOSA extensively in a number of their operations within the city. NOSA
also provides services to the likes of CLP Holdings Ltd in Asia as well as power generation companies in Hong Kong, China and India.

“The NOSA system has been used extensively in developing countries across the Asian, African and South American continents and securing a
tender in a developed country like the United States demonstrates the widespread reach of the NOSA system across the globe. We pride
ourselves on being the most recognised brand in the SHEQ risk management industry and look forward to providing Phoenix WSD with world class occupational risk management solutions and services,” adds Carlisle.

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