Samsung Offers Customised TV Solutions for African Conditions

Mr. Ansgar Pabst

Mr. Ansgar Pabst, Business lead for TV/AV , Samsung Electronics SA (Pic by

Samsung Electronics Africa recognises the nation’s challenges with regards to its electricity demand. The reality of regular power outages suggests that the different countries in Africa are not producing sufficient energy to meet the demands of each country.


“In response to this, Samsung recently introduced ‘Multi Power TV’, which provides consumers in Africa with a stable TV viewing experience, even when there is an unstable supply of electricity,” says Ansgar Pabst, Business lead for TV/AV at Samsung Electronics SA.


With this product, consumers are now able to enjoy their TV viewing uninterrupted, by simultaneously being linked to both an AC (Alternating Current) power source from a common house outlet and a DC (Direct Current) power source through an alternative energy source. Multi Power TV also has the highest level of energy efficiency to maximise the effectiveness of power usage.

 According to Pabst, Samsung’s decision to develop a solution that answered Africa’s needs began three years ago after it recognised the unique electricity circumstances faced by consumers. In many areas, outages are regular occurrences that can be made worse by frequent lightning and voltage that varies, sometimes significantly. This led to the development of Surge Safe TV, which forms an integral part of Samsung’s portfolio. This feature enables TVs to undergo power outages and over-voltage up to 500 Volts, as well as withstand lightning of up to 8 Kilovolts.

Triple Protector was also developed by Samsung over two years ago and applied to its entire line of TV models in Africa. This function allows the device to endure not only voltage changes and frequent lightning, but also high humidity that is experienced during the rainy season. With Triple Protector, users can continue to watch TV in spite of heat of up to around 60°c and damp air with around 90% moisture.

 Pabst concludes: “Samsung Electronics has been the number one brand in TV sales in the world for eight consecutive years. As one of the largest electronics companies worldwide, we are not only providing televisions with innovative features and refined design, but offering diverse localised solutions to satisfy specific regional requirements.  We believe that the localisation of products is key to achieving customer satisfaction and we will continue with our efforts to develop new technologies for all of our consumers around the world.”


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