St Louis Export Top 40 Under 40 Judges Announcement

Mr Chandra Chauhan

Mr Chandra Chauhan

The Judges Breakfast, held on 28th June at Lansmore Masa Square, is an opportunity for the judges to meet with all the stakeholders in this initiative, from the catalysts to the media. The judging criteria will also be showcased at the event and the judges will also give us a hint of what the ‘special ingredient’ that makes a catalyst.

St Louis Export’s initiative Top 40 Under 40 has seen the showcasing of Botswana’s own young heroes making a difference in the lives of their fellow Batswana, whilst at the same time proudly flying the Botswana flag high.

The 40 catalysts are all leaders in their own rights, but with years of experience from their respective industries, a wealth of knowledge is possessed by the 2013 40 Under 40. This special outfit is ready to serve its country by offering skills and their time to positively influence individuals and communities.

Mr. Solomon Monyame

Mr. Solomon Monyame

Focusing on all change makers between the ages of 18 and 40 years, St Louis Export endeavors to handpick 40 remarkable catalysts in consultation with the community and expert panelists. The idea of the St Louis Export Top 40 Under 40 is reinforced by the old-age adage of strength in numbers.

40 minds, 40 different backgrounds and 40 catalysts can all work in tandem to go beyond just being recognized to inspire a nation to take a moment to stop and look for that special something.

St Louis Export has brought together three industry leaders in their own right to assess the catalysts in the St Louis Export Top 40 Under 40 initiative. St Louis Export is looking for 40 young Batswana who have contributed to making a change in their communities while possessing entrepreneurial flair.

Mr. Victor Senye

Mr. Victor Senye

The members of the judging panel are music executive Mr Solomon Monyame, Sefalana MD Mr Chandra Chauhan and former BIFM CEO Mr Victor Senye.

Said St Louis Export panel member and founder of Mud Hut, Mr Solomon Monyame, “This a great opportunity to develop and inspire Botswana’s youth. I am passionate about my country and I am interested in anything that will see to it that we prosper as a nation.”

Catalysts have been nominated over the course of the past few months and now the nomination process has been opened up to the public to nominate who they think is a catalyst in their community. This is someone who inspires change and has a positive effect on those around them.

Nominations can be sent through to P O Box 26374 Gaborone, on the St Louis Export Facebook page and the St Louis Export Twitter account before 31st July 2013.

“The judges are committed to unearthing the future industry leaders of Botswana and beyond. Whether it is business, community involvement or the arts, there is something special about the nominees of the St Louis Export Top 40 Under 40,” said Amakura Erbynn, Marketing Manager for Premium Brands at KBL.

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