FNBB launches Slimline atms

FNBB CEO, Lorato Boakgomo-Ntakhwana

FNBB CEO, Lorato Boakgomo-Ntakhwana

In line with the Bank’s “Bricks to Clicks” strategy, FNBB has launched its latest innovation; the Slimline ATMs. These are portable ATMs that are placed at merchant stores to offer customers banking convenience.

With the Slimline ATM, customers can make payments and transfers, check balances, print mini statement, purchase airtime, e-Wallet, change pin and purchase goods in respective merchants or cash out. At the same time, the Slimline ATM reduces cash handling costs for merchants when customers cash out.

FNBB has introduced the Slimline ATM to offer customers easy banking access and convenience as these Slimline ATMs will be deployed in places where the bank does not have branch representation.

The first Slimline ATMs will be set up at Tutume, Hukuntsi, Nata, Sowa Town, Tsabong, Kang, Pitsane and Shakawe. This launch is a celebration of another innovative milestone in the Bank’s drive to bring its services closer to the customers.

“We continue to focus on customer education and migration to electronic channels, in line with the Bank’s ‘Bricks to Clicks’ strategy. We see this as a critical strategy for our customers as it affords them access, convenience and efficiencies in banking” said National Head of ATMs, Abo Kgwarae.

“ATMs are an important channel in our business. The channel is critical in the delivery of our revolutionary solutions such as eWallet” added Kgwarae.

FNBB is always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience and the Bank believes that this new Slimline ATM will further bridge the gap between urban and rural areas whilst offering customers great convenience.

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