FNBB CEO, Lorato Boakgomo-Ntakhwana

FNBB CEO, Lorato Boakgomo-Ntakhwana

First National Bank of Botswana introduced South African Rand (ZAR) dispensing ATMs in December 2013. The foreign currency withdrawal capability is new to the bank with the widest ATM footprint in Botswana. The enhanced service offering comes as a part of FNB’s continued efforts to ensure greater convenience and access to banking services for its customers.

The Rand dispensing ATMs will allow FNB and non-FNB customers to withdraw Rands by either selecting a predefined amount or entering their own amount. Customers will be able to withdraw an amount between R200 and R2, 000.00 per transaction. The foreign exchange rate of the day will apply to every transaction.

“There is a great demand for Rands in Botswana as seen in the queues that customers experience in FOREX departments and bureau de change.  The Rand dispensing ATM now allows customers to make travelling decisions with ease and not to be restricted by traditional banking hours”, says Mr Abo Kgwarae, head of ATM Centre, FNB Botswana. “FNB is a very innovative bank that aims to use technology to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The driving force behind our inventiveness is the vision for a more seamless banking experience that adds value to the customers’ lives” further commented Mr Kgwarae.

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