Botswana Insurance Company moves towards a paperless society

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Whilst going green is a challenge for both public and private sector, it is a necessity. Businesses in developed countries have long adopted a paperless approach because going green has cost benefits and, through the reduction of environmental damage, a positive social impact.


Botswana Insurance Company Limited (BIC) has taken technology and innovation to a new level and after a yearlong process has reorganised and transformed its business units to work towards a paperless environment. The organisation is working on creating a green e-environment for all its processes with the client in mind, maintaining the notion that it is not only the leader of short term insurance but an innovator in the sector.


Not only is the system a step towards reducing BIC’s carbon footprint, it uses technology to ease the business process for both BIC and its clients.

The primary objective of BIC going electronic is to surpass customer quality expectations by improving service levels around the processing of insurance policies and claims.

The system has introduced a higher level of security ensuring that client documentation is indeed secure and at minimal risk of loss or damage, a quicker access to documents so clients can receive faster responses from BIC and the ability for customers to receive policy documentation by email.

BIC has already transformed most of its physical documents into electronic format. To date over 89,000 documents have been successfully converted into e-documents.

Even though the process is entirely internal, the positive impact is already visible to staff and customers.  BIC is planning to introduce more innovations into the insurance industry in the near future.

BIC is the only AA- rated insurance company in Botswana. It has been in existence since 1975 and is committed to providing exceptional quality products and services to its clientele. The company focuses on commercial, personal and specialised insurance.

BIC has also contributed tremendously to empowerment programs, employment creation and is one company in the private sector that looks towards diversification and growth of Botswana’s economy by encompassing insurance as the driving sector for attracting foreign direct investment and growth opportunities.

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