Tati Nickel cares (Part 1 – Education)

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tati photoPeople in Botswana know our corporate motto, that is, ‘Tati Nickel Cares’. The slogan is indeed universal and applies to the company’s activities in all spheres. In production, we care about our employees’ health and safety which are under the custody of our SHE Department. In mining, we make sure that even the lowest grade ore is produced and processed. After all, this national treasure is a prerequisite to the wellbeing of Botswana and its people. We also endeavor to have this done with the least environmental impact and also taking care of the unique flora and fauna of the country.

No other the slogan reflects the depth and the nature of corporate social responsibility projects (CSR) implemented by Tati Nickel. Our main CSR targets are education, healthcare and poverty eradication. These are well balanced with social policy priorities pursued by the Government of Botswana being the other shareholder of the company.

In 2008 Tati Nickel came up with the initiative and helped to launch the so called Results Improvement Project for Mathematics and Science subjects (RIPMS). The project was implemented in collaboration with the Department of Secondary Education in Francistown and included furnishing of libraries with equipment and software as part of the ‘Centres of Excellence’ programme’.

By the end of RIPMS Phase One Implementation in 2008 to 2009, libraries of seven schools within 75 km from the Phoenix mine were equipped with desktops and notebook computers, multimedia projectors, special software for mathematics and science subjects, educational aids and library security systems. Beneficiaries of Tati Nickel’s sponsorship support were Shashe Senior School and six Junior Secondary Schools, namely, Rutwang, Letlhabile, Tashatha, Tonota, Shanganani and Matsiloje.

Awards were introduced in order to motivate teachers and students for achieving better results in mathematics and science subjects. All in all, Tati Nickel spent P 950 000 for implementing RIPMS Phase One.

RIPMS Phase Two commenced in 2009 where mathematics and science teachers of several schools were taken to South African to visit Kathu Secondary School, following which another four schools were introduced into Centres of Excellence Programme. The libraries of selected schools received 41 computers from Tati Nickel, including internet connections and interactive mathematics and science software altogether worth of P 1 900 600.

In addition, 5 schools from RIPMS Phase One were carried over to Phase Two and received financial support from the Ministry of Education in refurbishing the classrooms and libraries, procurement of furniture and air conditioners. Each school received from Tati Nickel 26 computers, one printer and software in mathematics and science subjects for the total value of P 1 004 000.

RIPMS Phase Two further involved libraries of another 6 schools within the radius of 75 km from Phoenix Mine for the total value of P 1 321 950. The total list of schools covered by RIPMS Phase Two also included Mater Spei and Francistown Senior Secondary Schools, as well as Junior Secondary Schools namely, Tlhalogang, Setlalekgosi, Montsamaisa and Selepa.

Furthermore, two more centres of excellence were officially handed over in August 2011 when two school computer laboratories were equipped (McConnel Senior Secondary School and Masunga Senior Secondary School). The value of equipment supplied by Tati Nickel for the two schools totals to P 500 000 and P 285 000 respectively. The funds were used for the procurement of 50 computers and special software for each of the schools. The cost of refurbishing rooms, new furniture and security systems were met by the Ministry of Education.

The cumulative investment undertaken by Tati Nickel up to date in realizing RIPMS being a ‘Flagship Project’ of the company’s CSR Program has reached P 7 470 000.

As mentioned above, Tati Nickel’s educational projects are well balanced with the National policies pursued by the Government of Botswana. Year after year, the Government has been allocating more and more funds for the development of our national education system (ref. Table 1).

Table 1

Financial year State Budget(billion pula) Funds allocated for education (billion pula) Share in State Budget
2007/2008 19,82 5 28%
2008/2009 22,4 5,51 26,8%
2009/2010 27,36 7,57 29,4%
2010/2011 27,143 8,3 30,5%
2011/2012 30,35 8,7 31,1%
2012/2013 34,48 7,93 22,9%

(Source: www.gov.bw)

Tati Nickel does not approve of the philosophy “sponsored and forgotten”, therefore the company maintains communication with the schools it is supporting and monitors efficiency of its CSR projects. Below is information witnessing students’ positive achievements in mathematics and science subjects.

Results: for Mathematics and Science Performance in Schools Sponsored by Tati Nickel Company

Source: Ministry of Education and Skills Development – Regional Director’s Office (Francistown)

Quality % Quantity % Quality % Quantity %
LETLHABILE 2010 24.4 77.0 27.7 77.5 213
2011 31.6 78.0 21.1 71.3 209
2012 46.4 78.4 27.9 64.4 222
TONOTA 2010 31.6 77.5 34.2 77.1 231
2011 23.3 75.0 30.6 76.3 232
2012 31.3 67.1 25.8 54.6 240


Results: Quantity pass is above 50% in science and 60% in maths for all JCE schools.



Year 2010 2011 2012
Subject/grade A- C  % A – E % A-C % A-E % A-C  % A-E %
Chemistry 72.1 99.32 79.31 100 60.84 97.2
Biology 56.46 69.8 52.87 92.53 48.95 99.3
Physics 76.19 100 63.79 97.7 44.76 95.1
Double award 16.74 66.52 13.27 70.81 21.02 65.98
Mathematics 31.8 53.77 32.2 57.07 31.31 55.1
Add maths 77 83.33 66.7 91.07 45.71 65.71

Results: Chemistry, Physics and Add Maths A- E grades are above 65% since 2010

Farhad Sattarov

Managing Director – Norilsk Nickel Botswana (Pty) Ltd.,

Board Member – Tati Nickel Mining Company (Pty) Ltd.


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